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Prototype Photography of Railroads

I recently discovered an interest in railroad photography. I started photographing railroad equipment as an extension of my modeling hobby. My photographic pursuits (always trying to get better) have introduced me into photography in general, found in another section of the website here.

Photo Sections

While I still use some photos as the basis for modeling, I have also branched out into more artistic shots of railroads.

My photos fall into three categories:

Outside of North America

I have had the good fortune to travel a fair amount outside of the US; I lived in Hong Kong for 3 years, and met my wife there as well. Unfortunately, my rekindled interesting in railroads came after I had spent all that time overseas (including taking a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railroad from Beijing to Moscow, during which I took disturbingly few photos). I have started to collect images of my trips overseas, and am posting them on my Equipment Pages.

A word on locations

I enjoy finding new locations for taking pictures of railroads, and have found a few places that I like. As well, most every trip I subject my family to a bit of time parked at some isolated spot to indulge this aspect of the hobby.

As I live in Lafayette, CA, I take a lot of pictures around the San Francisco Bay Area. Some of my favorite spots include:

See my Railfan Locations page for more information on railroad photo locations I've found through the years. I also drive out to see family every year to Wyoming, and I-80 over the Sierra and through Nevada has some great locations both for roster photography as well as some very scenic spots.

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