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Pacific Coast Trains- Links

Below is a list of links I've found useful over the years in my railroading hobby.

Prototype Reference Sites: a great site with lots of older photos.
RR Picture perhaps my favorite site- great organization and lots of photos.
Railcar Another great site with lots of photos. Deep and varied.
Tim Frederick's Tank Car Home Page- from the dean of tank cars.
Search The Freightcars List archives- archives of Yahoo discussion group for prototype information.
Hanks Truck Pictures- Photo site for trucks of various flavors; useful for us railroaders too.
Dave Casdorph's Site- Doyen of prototype railroad research, it's a simply incredible resource for getting up close and personal with freight cars. Railroad photos from around the world; mainly artistic and scenic shots, but plenty to get your heart racing and to serve as inspiration.
Flickr Photo Gallery- ATSF104- Photo gallery by failfan, with excellent photos.

Modeling Reference Sites:
The Rustbucket- Related to the Weathering Shop; discussion forum for those who weather rail equipment. I've been participating for many years, and know personally many of the organizers. Can't say enough about what I've learned there.
The Weathering Shop- one of my favorite sites. Related to the Rustbucket Forum, these are galleries of the moderators' models, and some very inspirational stuff in here for weatherers.
David Hussey's Photo Galleries at
1-87 Vehicle & Equipment Club- superior collection of HO-scale vehicles
Mellow Mike- a very talented artist whose work looks credible until you compare to actual cars. The skill is undeniable, but the end product is a bit of a caracature.
Lance Mindheim Dot Com- Very nice work- shows what can be done in a limited space.
Model Railroad Hobbyist- Online model railroading magazine. You can submit articles here.
Great blog on a module construction from Australia; really nice street work.
Weathering blog by someone with some clear talent, but omits road markings on the ends of the cars.
Railroad Prototype Modelers- Yahoo discussion group
Modern Freight Car List- Yahoo discussion group
(Harry Wong) tracktime's Photo Galleries at
The Graffiti Creator - Generate your own graffiti texts online
Boulder Creek, a railroad that includes a few Australian products as well which are pretty handy.

Other Layouts:
BNSF Fall river Division- Great modern day modeling on a BNSF subdivision.
Iowa Interstate Lines- James McNab- Version of the Iowa Interstate railroad by James McNab.
Iowa Interstate Lines- Joe Atkinson- Version of the Iowa Interstate railroad by Joe Atkinson.
Davetown- Great scratchbuilt scenes and structures in 1/87. The tutorials are super as well!
California Southern- Club layout in southern California.
Westport Terminal Railroad- HO modules put together into a great layout.
Welcome to the Mesquite Belt Railroad Company

Manufacturers of models, tools, etc.
Rail Yard Models- Resin craftsman kits- very high quality. I own a few, and they are a joy to assemble and detail. UPDATE 2012-03- Gene Fusco, owner, has decided to hang up his molds.
Tangent Scale models- I only own a few so far, but they are very impressive. I have a couple of kits on my wish-list.
Arrowhead Models- Blaine Hadfield, formerly of Exactrail, has created his own company called Arrowhead models. I think he's a terrific product manager, and a great guy, and his products are superb.
ExactRail- Another new manufacturer with high-quality kits. Get the undecs!
Modelers' Choice- flat kits of hard-to-find prototypes. Also fun to build- I have several. 2012 update- no longer offering flat kits, but do offer parts.
Cannon & Company- Dave Hussey picked up some of the kits from Modelers Choice. Fun to build these unique prototypes.
Scale TrainsCo- One of my new favorite manufacturers. The tank cars (especially Rivet Counter, but even the Operator brand) are really, really nice. The SD40's look really great too (I've seen them in person at a BAPM meet).
Intermountain Railway Co- High-quality models; used to offer a lot more kits, now the kits are undecorated and ready to run are painted.
Atlas Railroad- major manufacturer of ready to run (and undec) models. Often good quality, especially the motive power.
Dave Frary's Blue Ribbon Railroad Models- Dave Frary's site for scenery building.
Wild West Structure-Model Railroad Structures That You Can Build- my father in law focuses on Western scenes, so this is up his alley.
MIG Production pigments- pigments primarily intended for military modelers with nice cross-over applications. This guy is amazing, and his products are really high quality.
Microscale- manufacturer of decals and supplies for railroaders.
Oddballs Decals- cottage manufacturer of decals; run by Tom Stolte, who does very nice work on a variety of hard-to-find prototypes.
Scotty Mason- cottage manufacturer of building kits; I haven't done one yet, but they look outstanding.
Clever Models- manufacturer of building products- kits and flats and such.
Simon Model Site- manufacturer of architects' models, that has branched into trees (pun intended).
Kingmill Tenerprises- kit manufacturer of urban buildings
Vector Cut- produces laser cut cardstock buildings and accessories.
PPW-Aline- manufacturer of some really interesting intermodal equipment.
Busch- detail and vehicle manufacturer
JWD Premium Products- terrific details for car loads and such.
Delano Mountain Custom Models- custom modeler who builds & weathers items for sale
Bowser- manufacturer of equipment, primarily cars from the PA area.
Promotex- vehicle manufacturer.
American Limited Models- vehicle and structure manufacturer.
All Scale Backdrops- photographic backdrops for model railroads.
Protoloads- modeling service company which sells scale loads and loaded cars
Osborn Model Kits- Manufacturers of various detail parts, including phone poles and other details. Nice use of a laser!
Riverside Yard Operate

Custom services for hobbyists
Duford Model Works
Thoroughbred Railroad Models- high quality custom work.
Southern Tier Modelworks
Dynamic Models- Custom painting service. Very nice work!
HIEBERT SCULPTURE WORKS, injection molding of small plastic parts.
Model Railroad Manufacturers - Custom
Premium White Inkjet Decal Paper Decal Paper Kustom Rides

Retailers/Vendors of Models, Tools, Etc.
Buy and Sell MODEL RR TRAINS & Accessories

Other Interests- Miniatures Painting & Dioramas
Coolminiornot- Site for artists to display painted miniature figures. Not railroad related, but painting techniques have crossover application, and these are just cool!
Chest of Colors- Miniatures painting resource site.
Heritage Miniatures resource site- D&D miniatures from the 1980s.
Necrotales tutorials. Also has a nice gallery. great gallery of knights.
Blackmoor- more terrific work on fantasy miniatures.
Tabletop Terrain- Modeling terrain for wargaming, and general modeling site

Other Interests- Military Modeling
Masa Narita's website- Interesting site of an award-winning military modeler. Take a look at the "scale models" section- talk about inspiring!
Model Reviews- reviews of Hasegawa kits 1/72.
Manufacturer Splash Page- lots of mfr reviews here
Aircraft Resource Center- discussion forum about model airplane building
Stug IV Late 1/721/72 model gallery

Unsorted (yet)
Abacus Model Works- New (2011) manufacturer of resin kits

Copper State Railway Model Products- Brian Banna's excellent site on detailing diesels. Very high standards here, but not for the faint of heart. I do especially like what he does with wheels & trucks.
Washington Northern Railroad- Kevin Klettke's fictional shortline set in Seattle area; great modern-day modeling
The Terrapin Narrow Gauge Society

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