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Bay Area Prototype Modelers (BAPM)

BAPM is an organization that promotes and supports prototype modelers in the broader San Francisco bay area. BAPM was formed . Their organization's website is found here.

I have within the last several years been able to attend our local Bay Area Prototype Modelers meeting. This is by far one of my favorite days of the year. Here are my links to each of the annual meetings (held in June each year).

BAPM 2003
BAPM 2005
BAPM 2006
BAPM 2008
BAPM 2009
BAPM 2010
BAPM 2011
BAPM 2012
BAPM 2013
BAPM 2014
BAPM 2015
BAPM 2016
BAPM 2017

Great American Train Shows

These vendor-led shows have been a great source of equipment and train stuff over the years. I have acquired a fair amount of my models through these.

NMRA National Train Show

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the last day of 2011's National Train Show, part of the NMRA annual convention held in Sacramento that year. What an amazing experience! I had been years earlier to the show in Seattle, which was also tremendous. Just wandering around all the booths, talking to vendors, and rubbing shoulders with other hobbyists was energizing.

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