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My "Artistic" Railroad Photos.

I have been actively taking pictures since 2000 or so, but only recently became interested in more artistic photographs. I will immodestly refer to these as "artistic", if more for intent than anything else. If I was trying to capture something more than the equipment itself, I call it "artistic". Everything else is a roster shot.

CNW-led Intermodal train in Nevada
UP freight in late evening sun
UP SD40-2 3234 leading a manifest freight to the Oakland yard from Jack London Square
Sierra grade crossing
UP struggling up the Sierras
Southern Nevada
Southern Nevada
Southern Nevada
UP passes grain elevator in southern ID
Sunset east of Reno, Nevada
BNSF power in the heat
BNSF pulling hard up from Caliente (Tehachapi), CA
UP westbound in the Sierras, just west of Reno
UP yard switching, St. Louis, MO
UP freight blowing past a grain elevator, Lovelock, NV

A few from the Sierras near Lake Tahoe, CA
UP stack train snaking past a signal bridge
UP stack train snaking past a signal bridge, continued
UP helper pushing west
Signal bridge near dusk
Some pictures from our June 2012 trip to Redding, CA
Redding's trestle over the Sacramento River.
Near Mount Shasta, CA the main line goes by Mott Road.

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