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My "Equipment" page of photos- Kazakhstan Subsection.

Kazakhstan- various equipment
DSC03032.jpgKpix DSC03052.jpgKpix DSC03105.jpgKpix DSC03106.jpgKpix
DSC03161.jpgKpix DSC03162.jpgKpix DSC03211.jpgKpix DSC03212.jpgKpix
DSC03213.jpgKpix DSC03214.jpgKpix DSC03215.jpgKpix DSC03216.jpgKpix
DSC03217.jpgKpix DSC03218.jpgKpix DSC03219.jpgKpix DSC03241.jpgKpix
DSC03242.jpgKpix DSC03243.jpgKpix DSC03244.jpgKpix DSC03245.jpgKpix
DSC03246.jpgKpix DSC03247.jpgKpix DSC03248.jpgKpix DSC03428.jpgKpix
DSC03429.jpgKpix DSC03430.jpgKpix

We made another trip (a stop on our long family sabbatical) in 2013, and I got some additional photos. Yes the scenery hasn't changed all that much, but the weather was sure different in Uralsk!

DSC_7290_tn.jpgKpix DSC_7291_tn.jpgKpix DSC_7383_tn.jpgKpix DSC_7384_tn.jpgKpix
DSC_7385_tn.jpgKpix DSC_7386_tn.jpgKpix DSC_7387_tn.jpgKpix DSC_7388_tn.jpgKpix
DSC_7389_tn.jpgKpix DSC_7390_tn.jpgKpix DSC_7391_tn.jpgKpix DSC_7392_tn.jpgKpix

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