Truck Painting Jig


I wanted to create something to hold my trucks in place as I painted them. I've seen a number of good versions of this, but wanted something that could handle a few cars at once.


The heart of this jig is a pair of shelf bracket support lengths, the vertical ones attached to a wall on which shelf brackets hang.

Jig 7

I attached one runner to a length of 1" x 1" wood with glue & screws. I drilled out some holes spaced appropriately and glued in lengths of steel wire, thin enough that they would fit through the screw hole in the couplers. I also made sure they stuck up through the top, which would help with seating the other bracket length. I also can bolt the top bracket to the bottom, but usually don't as the weight of the top runner is enough to hold the trucks in place.

Jig 6 Jig 7
Jig 10
Jig 8 Jig 9

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