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I've listed out here the books and other print resources I have on hand. These break down into a couple of areas, Reference and How-To.

I inherently enjoy reading about how to build or make things, so these are just a fun read for me; but also I have found them very helpful in teaching me different techniques I can apply to modeling. I have to agree with Lance Mindheim when he says that the main obstacle to modeling is not knowing the techniques themselves, but sorting through which technique to use in a given situation, or to achieve a desired effect. My library, even some of the dated works, is a valuable reminder and reference base of techniques I need to remember to use when the situation calls for them.

How to Build Realistic Model Railroad Scenery, Third Edition (Model Railroader Books) [Paperback]- Dave Frary
Track Planning for Realistic Operation, Third Edition- John Armstrong
Realistic Model Railroad Operation- by Tony Koester
The Model Railroader's Guide to Industries Along the Tracks 2- by Jeff Wilson
Done in a Day- by Pelle K. Soeborg
Building City Scenery: For Your Model Railroad (Model Railroader)- by John Pryke (Mar 2000)
Kitbashing Ho Model Railroad Structures- by Art Curren (Jun 1994)
222 Tips for Building Model Railroad Structures (Model Railroader)- by Dave Frary (Jan 1993)
Painting and Weathering Railroad Models- by Jeff Wilson (Aug 1995)
Scenery for Model Railroads, Dioramas & Miniatures- by Robert H. Schleicher (Jan 1999)
Small Railroads You Can Build (Model Railroader)- by Kent J. Johnson (Jun 1996)
48 Top-Notch Track Plans (Model Railroader)- by Bob Hayden (Feb 1994)
The Complete Atlas Wiring Book All Scales from Z to No. 1 Book #12- by Atlas Model Railroad Co Inc (1994)
HO Trackside Structures You Can Build (Model Railroader)- by Bob Hayden and George H. Drury (Jul 1994)
Big Book of Model Railroad Track Plans- by Robert H. Schleicher (Jul 25, 2003)
Model Railroad Resources: A Guide for the Hobbyist and Collector- by Allan W. Miller (May 2000)
101 Projects for Your Model Railroad- by Robert H. Schleicher (Jul 25, 2002)
How to Build & Detail Model Railroad Scenes (Model Railroader Books)- by Lou Sassi (Dec 2004)
A Treasury of Model Railroad Photos: Four Creative Approaches to Model Railroad- Photography by Dave Frary, Malcolm Furlow, John Olson and Paul Scoles (1991)
8 Realistic Track Plans For A Spare Room- by Lance Mindheim (Jun 10, 2009)
How To Design A Small Switching Layout- by Lance Mindheim (Sep 2, 2009)
Great Model Railroads 2000- by Model Railroader staff (2000)
The Model Railroader's Guide to Intermodal Equipment and Operations- by Jeff Wilson (Sep 1998)
How to Detail Diesel Locomotives (Model Railroader)- by Jim Volhard (Jul 1997)
Diesel Modeler's Guide: Vol. 1 - Photos, Drawings and Projects for the Diesel Modeler- by Randy Lee, David Hussey, Randall Lee and Patrick Lawson (Jun 1997)
Freight Car Projects and Ideas: Modeling Tips and Techniques Useful in Any Scale (Model Railroader)- by Kent J. Johnson (Jun 1997)
HO Lineside Industries You Can Build (Model Railroader)- by Dick Christianson (Jul 1996)

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